Emotional Repatterning

Healing Emotional Pain by Rewiring the Brain

Emotional Repatterning: Healing Emotional Pain by Rewiring the Brain provides insights, stories and examples from Lisa Samet’s life and the lives of her patients, as well as practical tools to uncover the subconscious beliefs that are holding us back. It deepens the reader’s understanding of their own mind – the patterns of thinking and deep-seated beliefs that keep them feeling stuck and unhappy – and teaches skills to change both their thinking at the conscious level and their beliefs at the subconscious level.


About the author

Lisa Samet N.D

Lisa is a well-known health practitioner who has appeared on the Dr Oz show to promote homoeopathy and naturopathic healing. She has an international practice based in Montreal, specializing in homoeopathy, emotional wellness, nutrition & lifestyle optimization. When emotional issues are an obstacle to healing, Dr Samet uses the Emotional Repatterning techniques presented in her book to help patients uncover and rebalance the deep, subconscious beliefs that often underlie their unhappiness, “stuckness” and mental or physical pain. The results have been nothing short of life-changing! She has written this book to broaden access to the tools that she uses in her practice to help people change their perspectives, subconscious beliefs and ultimately suffer less!


Dr. Samet has offered a book that can create real emotional change for seekers once and for all. Dr. Samet's approach to full wellness starts with the emotional terrain we all find ourselves in- patterns of old thinking that do not serve us currently and that also threaten to interfere with living our best and brightest lives.

- Dr. Mary Shackelton, MPH, ND​

I encourage you to buy this book. It is a refreshingly honest and provocative dialogue of healing from the inside out. The book helps us to identify and then shift our outdated and deeply held beliefs that keep us stuck. I found this book to be freeing for the many truths it unabashedly reveals. Give yourself this gift and take it to heart. You won’t be disappointed.

Molly Punzo, MD